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Xdp is the UKís largest privately owned parcel & freight network

Xdp is the UKís largest privately owned parcel & freight network

Having been formed in 1995 by the current MD Louis John XDP has built up a reputation of quality and reliability over the last 22 years and is the must go to company for Etailers of larger & awkward products.

As a testament to our insistence of service many customers that traded with us within the first year still trade with us today.

Our main Distribution Hub is situated a stoneís throw from Junction 9 of the M42 in Sutton Coldfield. There we have a 10 acre hub which operates without any belts or roller track systems. The hub is situated in one of the best locations in the West Midlands on top of the New Toll Motorway and only a few miles from the M5 and M6, a great location to distribute our customersí freight across our 15 corporate operated sites and our 35 delivery Partners.

We operate a fully manual sortation which means minimal damage and the ability to handle liquids, glass, lengths and awkward freight which most of the mainstream carriers canít handle or do not wish to.

We deliver for many blue chip clients such as the The Range, Aldi stores, Churchill China, Fuch lubricants, Wayfair, Hillarys blinds and Machinemart to name but a few.

We carry any 1 man item up to 50kg and any 2 man item up to 250kg. This means that we sit between the parcel and pallet market with the difference that we are geared to the Home delivery market.

As the click and collect market does not affect our product offering we have seen great growth across our product sector. Also, as there are fewer carriers available to handle a more awkward product. Those who do add heavy surcharges.

XDP have a great rating on trustpilot which puts us right at the top for our category and reinforces our care and quality to the service we offer.

XDP designed and created an in house IT platform which gives us great flexibility, we offer a 2 hour delivery window direct to the consumer and we trace the driverís route offering further information.

XDP also send text messages directly to the consignee or if preferred on email or a combination of both to keep the consignee and the customer informed every step of the delivery process.

Customers are able to select collection and delivery dates via the on line platform.

One of the great advantages of XDP is its in house programmers. This gives flexibility within our system and means we can amend and keep up with new technology advances. Along with being able to tailor the system to fit in with specific requirements of each customer.

The first 22 years of XDPís existence has seen phenomenal changes in distribution and retail.

With the advent of the Pallet Networks more and more manufacturers and retailers have disposed of their own vehicle fleet as it became uneconomic for them to continue. Also, the rates being offered by the Pallet and Parcel companies were far below their own operating costs.

However a lot of the Pallet Network customers have taken advantage of their service to Distribute all manner of things to domestic addresses. From turf, gravel, white goods, complete bathroom sets and large garden play equipment.

The downside to this is that the main delivery vehicle for the Pallet networks is a 17 ton truck. This is fine when delivering to a large house in Oxford with a large drive that the truck can drive in to and lower the goods on the tail lift in the drive.

When delivering to a terraced house in Batley itís an impossible task. Often resulting in goods being left in the roadway or on the pavement. Of course in a lot of cases a 17 ton is not able to get in to some of the small congested roads.

Also blocks of flats have no goods receiving area and this presents another series of problems.

This is where XDP come in to their own with vehicles that can carry up to 1500kg and are small enough to deliver in the smallest of roads. With our fleet of Mercedes Sprinters and Renault Master specially adapted urban Luton vans.

We are able to deliver items up to 50kg on the 1 man service vehicles and up to 250kg items on the 2 man service.

XDP believes the requirement for a service that fills the void between the Parcel firms and the Pallet networks is a growing area with very few competent nationwide players able to offer a fully tracked next day service.

XDP has been able to adapt and move with the industry changes while also seeing great growth and profitability in a profit declining industry, XDP is confident that it will continue to succeed through the next 22 years.

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